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Southeast Athletic Association of the Deaf Tourney Awards

Southeast Athletic Association of the Deaf 65th Annual Men’s & 21st Annual Women’s Regional Basketball Tournament proudly hosted by Florida State Association of the Deaf on March 3rd through March 5th, 2011.

SEAAD Results:
We had 648 fans. There were 13 men teams and 5 women teams.

Men teams list:
FSAD-(Fla), SFRAD-(Fla), Sunshine State-(Fla), Pine Hills-(Fla), West Bay-(Fla), NEFAD-(Fla), CAAD(NC), WAAD-(NC), SCDB-(SC), AAD-(GA), GAAD-(GA), Bear Goaynabo-(Puerto Rico), The Silents Warriors-(Bahamas)

Women teams list:
CCAD-(NC), SCDB-(SC), Talladega-(ALA), JAAD-(Fla), GTBAD-(Fla)

Women All-Stars:
1st Team:
Shantaye Massey-ALA
Amelia England-CCAD
Mandy Houghton-CCAD
Lisa Mcbee-GTBAD
Abigail Fellove-ALA

Team sportsmanship-SCDB
Most assists-5 players tied (7)
Most points-Wanda Mack-JAAD (39 pts) Most Rebound-Hope Tyler-JAAD (30)
MVP-Jasmine Smith-ALA
3 point champion-Christine Rowinski-CCAD
Free-throw Champion-Diana Werner-CCAD
Coach of Tournament-Abigail Fellove-ALA

Men All-Stars:
1st Team
Mark Hedrick-CAAD
Willie Brown-CAAD
Julian Mitchell-FSAD
Martise Colston-FSAD
Bobby Fleurantin-SFRAD

2nd Team
Fred Thompson-FSAD
Henry Dorsey-CAAD
Derrick Simpson-AAD
Matt Maxey-AAD
Shaq Pinerno-P.R.

Team Sportsmanship-West Bay
Individual Sportsmanship-Shaq Pinerno-P.R.
Most assists-Julian Mitchell-(11)
Most rebounds-Willie Brown-(33)
Most points-Jimmy Killing-(74)
Slam Dunk Champion-Bud Shield-NEFAD
3 point Champion-Cameron Gardner-NEFAD

MVP-Xavier Williams-CAAD
Coach of Tournament-Craig Brown-CAAD

NOVA wins Eastern Athletic Association of the Deaf Tourney

Northern Virginia Club Deaf (NOVA) host 66th Annual Men and 20th Annual Women's EAAD Basketball tournament.  The tournament went well; there were several exciting games among several new teams. The Championship game was quite exciting as usual.  NOVA Diplomats won the championship for third straight year and beat New Jersey Warriors 87 to 62. Jon Mowl, NOVA Diplomats scored 35 points during that game which was a huge assist in helping his in winning.  Congrats to NOVA Diplomats.  

Game 1 Rosenfield 48 vs. Roc City Blazers 28
Game 2 Fanwood Alumni Assoc. 51 vs. New Jersey Magic 36
Game 3 Greater Philadelphia 45 vs. Buffalo Club of the Deaf 42
Game 4 New Warriors 44 vs. Maryland 28
Game 5 NOVA Diplomats 56 vs. Rosenfield
Game 6 Roc City Blazers 44 vs. New Jersey Magic 32
Game 7 Maryland 39 vs. Buffalo Club of the Deaf 37
Game 8 New Jersey Warriors vs. Greater Philadelphia 64
Game 9 NOVA Diplomats 116 vs. Fanwood Alumni Assoc. 63
Game 10 Maryland 46 vs. Roc City Blazers 43
Game 11 Greater Philadelphia 66 vs. Fanwood Alumni Assoc. 49  (3rd/4th Place)
Game 12 NOVA Diplomats 87 vs. New Jersey Warriors 62  (Championship Game)

Champion: NOVA Diplomats
2nd Place: New Jersey Warriors
Third Place: Greater Philadelphia

Coach of the Tournament: John Thomas, New Jersey Warriors
Team Sportsmanship: Buffalo Club of the Deaf

Most Outstanding Player: Vernon Lane
Most Valuable Player: Jon Mowl

Johnny Jackson, NOVA
David Farias, NOVA
Jason Garland, Greater Phila.
John Antal, Maryland
Glenroy Benjamin, New Jersey Magic
David Wantuck, Buffalo Club of the Deaf
James Postell, Roc City Blazers
George Rios, New Jersey Warriors
Mike Kent, NOVA

EAAD would like to welcome Buffalo Deaf club as a newly afflicted club to the region. Currently, both men and women NOVA will be attending USADB tournament along with NJ Warriors.

Regional tournament results

Northwest Association of the Deaf Basketball (NWADB) tournament at Reno, Nevada.

Friday, March 4th:
Game 1=Montana 74 Utah Warriors 56
Game 2=Deaf Row Sacramento 85 Seattle 58
Game 3=Utah Glaciers 59 Idaho 26
Game 4=Oregon 66 Fremont 55
Game 5=Pacific Breaker (Bay Area) 52 Montana 17
Game 6=Deaf Row Sacramento 104 USCRD-Sacramento 89
Game 7=Seattle 62 Utah Warriors 34
Game 8=Idaho 39 Fremont 34 Saturday, March 5th:
Game 9=Pacific Breaker 76 Utah Glaciers 40
Game 10=Deaf Row Sacramento 81 Oregon 68
Game 11=Seattle 53 Montana 16
Game 12=Idaho 53 USCRD-Sacramento 46
Game 13=Seattle 54 Idaho 38 (5th/6th place)
Game 14=Oregon 81 Utah Glaciers 58 (3rd/4th place)
Game 15=Pacific Breaker 71 Deaf Row Sacramento 70 (1st/2nd place)

Southeast Athletic Association of the Deaf (SEAAD) basketball tournament (unofficial).

1. Jacksonville 31    South Carolina 19
2. Central Carolina 37   Great Tampa Bay 34
3. Alabama 34   Jacksonville 28
4. Great Tampa Bay 32   South Carolina 30
5. Great Tampa Bay 38   Jacksonville  32 (3rd/4th place)
6. Alabama 54   Central Carolina 52 (1st/2nd place)

1. Sunshine St. 55   South Carolina 50    
2. South Florida 69   NE Florida 37
3. West Bay 48   Wilson (NC) 41
4. Pine Hills (FL) 81   Bahamas 40
5. Bears Goaynabo 72   Georgia 71 (2 OT)
6. South Carolina 55   NE Florida 52
7. South Florida 63   Sunshine St. 46
8. Florida St. 80   West Bay 32
9. Pine Hills 56   Atlanta 51
10. Carolinas 97   Bears Goaynabo 45
11. Sunshine St. 50   Bahamas 26
12. Atlanta 65   South Carolina 56
13. Georgia 46   West Bay 42
14. Bears Goaynabo 57   Wilson 34
15. Florida St. 59   South Florida 46
16. Sunshine St. 52   Georgia 44
17. Carolinas 67   Pine Hills 39
18. Atlanta 77   Bears Goaynabo 37 (7th/8th place)
19. Atlanta 57   Sunshine St. 56 (OT) (5th/6th place)
20. South Florida 73   Pine Hills 42 (3rd/4th place)
21. Carolinas 72   Florida St. 56 (1st/2nd place)

Here is the result of GBAD (BPT) 10th Annual Winter Classic Invitational Basketball tournament that was rescheduled due to bad weather on January 8th.

On March 5th, with 57 fans and 43 players/coaches, GBAD hosted its 10th Annual Winter Classic.

There were 4 participating teams and the results were:

Game 1:  BPT ~ 132       Boston ~ 76
Game 2:  VT(A) ~ 71        VT (B) ~ 62
Game 3:  VT(B) ~ 64       Boston~  59
Game 4:   BPT ~  97        VT (A) ~ 68

Final standings: 1- BPT (2-0), 2 - VT(A) (1-1), 3 - VT(B) (1-1) and 4 - Boston (0-2)

GBAD will host its 11th Annual Winter Classic Basketball Tournament on January 8, 2012 at the American School for the Deaf Ward Gym. More information will be forthcoming.

Next tournament will be the NEAAD regional on March 26-27 hosted by Brattleboro Deaf Sports at Vermont.

Indy Hawks

The Indy Hawks are saddened to announce that the CAAD has kicked out the Indy Hawks from the 66th annual CAAD to take place next weekend - the first weekend of March. The reasoning behind this is not mentioned, nor explained but officer Neal Kenize states that the CAAD has received a large volume of protests from inside and outside the region as to the Indy Hawks participation and that the players/coaches of the Central Region have voted to have the Indy Hawks banned from participating. The Indy Hawks have not lost a region game in 7 years and have been Central champions since April 2004. The unofficial reason is that the Indy Hawks are simply "too strong" for the CAAD region.

The decision has been made by the CAAD officers, without our knowledge or input and has come as a surprise and a disappointment to the Hawks, who as a team, have been eagerly looking forward to playing in the tournament. The Hawks have not caused a scandal, nor received as much as a technical in CAAD play in the 7 years I have coached the team. Games have often been close within the tournament - as evidenced by WSAD's 7 point loss to the Indy team in 2005,  Kentucky's halftime lead over the Hawks in the CAAD opener in 2008; WSAD nearly upsetting the Hawks in 2009 and Central Zone giving us fits the past two years. 

The past 7 seasons have seen the Hawks undergo at least three major personnel changes in order to stay competitive and among the USADB Elite, which has been heavily revolved around Indiana School for the Deaf alumni, grassroots basketball players and smart coaching. The ensusing result has been appearances in the USADB Championship game 5 times in the past 6 years, with two USADB championships as well as 7 consecutive Central region championships.

The Indy Hawks make no apologies for working hard to be champions on an annual basis and are severely disappointed in the CAAD's decision to exclude the Indy Hawks from the 66th annual tournament. 

Carl Wayne Denney

EAAD Invitational Tournament

EAAD First Invitational Basketball tournament was successful yesterday.  76
fans and 40 players watched four teams play.  Congrats to Fanwood Alumni who won it all!!

The Scores are:

    Game 1 Fanwood 60 vs NJ Magic 39
    Game 2 Buffalo 46 vs NJ Warriors 43
    Game 3 NJ Warriors 44 vs NJ Magic 43 Overtime
    Game 4 Fanwood 49 vs Buffalo  47  Championship game

Thanks, Michael Shiffer
EAAD Secretary/Treasurer


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