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Neild Earns Tryout with USA Deaf Basketball International for 2017 Deaflympics

USADB InternationalNORTH ANDOVER, Mass. – Incoming sophomore Hannah Neild (Litchfield, N.H.) of the Merrimack College women's basketball team will head to Maryland on Monday for a three-day tryout hosted by USA Deaf Basketball International, with a chance to win a spot on Team USA ahead of next summer's Deaflympics.

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Source: Merrimack Athletics

Deaf children benefit from Junior Nets basketball

CROWN HEIGHTS - The Junior Nets basketball program in Crown Heights is helping deaf children hone their life skills, according to organizers.

Participants say that basketball is a universal language through which they've learned teamwork, determination and confidence.

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Source: Connecticut News 12


ATX WarriorsIndianapolis, IN. The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that it has added the Texas “ATX” Warriors to its huge expansion for the upcoming season. The team will be based in Austin, TX. “I cannot tell you how excited we are to add the Warriors to our roster of teams,” stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman. “In a league where diversification and inclusion reign, it is fitting that the ABA adds a team made up of excellent players who also happen to be hearing impaired. As was recently shown on “Dancing with the Stars,” there is no limit to what people can do when they put their hearts to it.”

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Source: ABA Live Action

Zach LaVine wins NBA Cares Community Assist award for April

By Jon Krawczynski

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Zach LaVine's work with a school for the deaf is bringing an added benefit he never saw coming — the chance to help a new charity dedicated to his fallen coach.

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Source: Associated Press

DMV and Eastern Storm claim 2016 USADB championships

USA Deaf BasketballUSADB (USA Deaf Basketball) wrapped up another successful basketball tournament last weekend at St. Louis, Missouri. The D.M.V. Diplomats won the 72nd annual men’s tournament championship and Eastern Storm captured the 26th annual women’s championship. Listed below are results and awards reprinted from USADB’s Facebook page. Tournament bracket and game stats can be found there as well. (

Men's Results & Awards
Champions: D.M.V. Diplomats
Runner-Up: Texas "ATX" Warriors
3rd Place: Showstoppers
4th Place: Indy Hawks
5th Place: Southeast Hoopstars
6th Place: L.A.C.D. Desert Fire
7th Place: Louisville Hands
8th Place: MinnePaul
Consolation Champions: Rochester City Blazers
10th Place: Lexington Empire City
11th Place: Lincoln Star City
12th Place: New York Tornadoes
13th Place: Chicago Rebels
14th Place: Chicago Ravens
15th Place: St. Louis Storm
16th Place: Tulsa Jayhawks

Championship Bracket Awards
First All-Tourney Team
Layton Seeber, Showstoppers
Melvin Chriss, Texas "ATX" Warriors
Robert Haney, Jr., Indy Hawks
Derek Keels, L.A.C.D. Desert Fire
Orion Palmer, D.M.V. Diplomats

Second All-Tourney Team
Zachary Phipps, MinnePaul
Johnny Jackson, Southeast Hoopstars
Bradley Davis, Louisville Hands
Daniel Kelly, Showstoppers
Michael Kent, D.M.V. Diplomats

Most Valuable Player: Jon Mowl, D.M.V. Diplomats
Most Outstanding Player: Dwight Brewington, Texas "ATX" Warriors
Sportsmanship: MinnePaul
Rookie of the Tournament: Dwight Brewington, Texas "ATX" Warriors
Coach of the Tournament: John Perry, D.M.V. Diplomats

Consolation Bracket Awards
First All-Tourney Team
Jonathan Scherling, Lincoln Star City
Elbert Houston, Chicago Rebels
Ryheim Brown, St. Louis Storm
Adam Pagan, Rochester City Blazers
Asido Yellow-Duke, Lexington Empire City

Second All-Tourney Team
Mack Weyers, Lincoln Star City
Mario Cloton, Chicago Ravens
Juan Sosa, New York Tornadoes
Jose Ramirez, Jr., Chicago Rebels
James Postell, Rochester City Blazers

Most Valuable Player: Kelly Sanders, Rochester City Blazers
Most Outstanding Player: Frank Jackson, New York Tornadoes
Sportsmanship: St. Louis Storm
Rookie of the Tournament: Leon McClish, Tulsa Jayhawks
Coach of the Tournament: Akilyas Yacob, Rochester City Blazers

Women's Results & Awards
Champions: Eastern Storm
Runner-Up: Lexington Lady Liberty
3rd Place: Chicago Lady Panthers
4th Place: Omaha Eagles
5th Place: S.W.A.A.D. TAZ

First All-Tourney Team
Christine Smith, Eastern Storm
Chavonne Jenkins, Chicago Lady Panthers
Rachel Nemmers, Omaha Eagles
Amada Kriger, Eastern Storm
Brittany Payne, Lexington Lady Liberty

Second All-Tourney Team
Kiley Paterson, Omaha Eagles
Audrey Anna Mincy, Lexington Lady Liberty
Shantaye Massey, S.W.A.A.D. Taz
Hope Tyler, S.W.A.A.D. Taz
Aramis Davis, Chicago Lady Panthers

Most Valuable Player: Nukeitra Hayes, Eastern Storm
Most Outstanding Player: Shaquana McDonough, Lexington Lady Liberty
Sportsmanship: Omaha Eagles
Rookie of the Tournament: Nori Rittenhouse, Chicago Lady Panthers
Coach of the Tournament: Alexandria Pucciarelli, Eastern Storm

Deaf International Basketball Federation making a difference in Africa

dibfGABORONE/JOHANNESBURG - The Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF) is making impressive strides in Africa through multiple projects which promote opportunities to aspiring deaf players.

Initiatives in both Botswana and South Africa are underway to raise the profile of the sport and encourage more deaf players to pick up a basketball.

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Source: FIBA


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