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Deaf Falcons player Derrick Coleman follows in footsteps of former Nashville star Bonnie Sloan

By Mike Organ

Atlanta FalconsFalcons fullback Derrick Colemanis enjoying a great season and receiving added praise for being the first legally deaf offensive player in the NFL.

He was recognized earlier this week by the league when he was selected as a first-team alternate for the Pro Bowl.

Recognizing Coleman's accomplishments and truly appreciating what he has done are two completely different things.

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Source: Tennessean

Huddle up, Ohio’s unlikely champions

By John Kendle

The great game of football teaches the incredible concept of “TEAM,” which at the Pro Football Hall of Fame we believe stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More.” In the sanctity of the huddle, we learn, that despite our differences, there isn’t anything we can’t work through together if we “huddle up” with respect for each other, listen to the call and execute the designed play.

The huddle is a magical and special place of trust. Gallaudet College in Washington, D.C. is credited with the formation of the football huddle in the 1890s. Gallaudet is devoted to providing higher education to both deaf and mute students. Because their opponents were often schools for the hearing-impaired, Gallaudet quarterback Paul Hubbard was concerned they were watching his hands to see his team’s intentions. Hubbard’s solution was to huddle up so their opponents couldn’t read their signs as the quarterback signaled the plays.

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Source: IndeOnline

Mission accomplished: Duke’s kicker, born nearly deaf, makes first extra point

By Steve Wiseman

Duke UniversityDURHAM - The final point of Duke’s win over Georgia Tech on Saturday was, in many ways, more special than any other point it’s scored this season.

The extra point in the fourth quarter, which gave the Blue Devils a 43-20 win over Georgia Tech, was made by William Holmquist, the 6-1, 190-pound graduate transfer kicker who was born with severe hearing loss. It was his first kicking attempt of the season and a moment he’d worked for his whole life.

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Source: The Charlotte Observer

Teamwork transcends the field for "America's deaf team"

GallaudetIn our ongoing series, A More Perfect Union, we highlight how what connects us as Americans is deeper than what divides us. Sports, like football, are often great unifiers, transcending race, religion, and nationality. At Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., the Bison football team is tackling lessons beyond the field.

Football is equal parts passion, dedication and teamwork but game day at Gallaudet feels different and quieter than most, reports CBS News' Jan Crawford.

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Source: CBS News

NFFAD 4x4 Championship goes to Silent Boys

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The National Flag Football Association of the Deaf (NFFAD) hosted their 4x4 tournament last Saturday at Clifton, Maryland with seven teams in contention. Several other formats that were initially planned to be part of this tournament were scrapped due to lack of teams.

The tournament started with Easy Game 4U and Silent Boys coming out of pool play undefeated and earning the #1 seed in bracket competition.

2017 NFFAD 4x4 Pool
2017 NFFAD 4x4 Bracket

The bracket tournament was played in double-elimination format and Silent Boys advanced to the championship game defeating DMV Eagles 42-0, Recreational Team 14-8, and D.C. Senior Citizen 19-12.

Easy Game 4U was bounced from the championship bracket by D.C. Senior Citizen 22-13. Easy Game 4U then defeated BenJamin’ Squad #1 34-12 and Recreational Team 34-20 to set up a rematch with D.C. Senior Citizen in order to advance to the championship game. The rematch went to Easy Game 4U, 19-2 setting up a showdown between the two #1 seeds in the championship game.

In order for Easy Game 4U to win the championship, they would need to defeat Silent Boys twice. This was not the case as the Silent Boys silenced Easy Game 4U 20-6 to claim the 2017 NFFAD 4x4 Championship.

NFFAD has not announced the dates and location for the 2018 tournament. The committee is currently conducting a survey to plan for next year’s tournament. Visit NFFAD’s website here for more information on the 2017 tournament and survey.

2017 NFFAD Silen Boys 4x4 Champ
2017 NFFAD 4x4 Champions - Silent Boys. (L to R) Daniel Fava, Kevin Berrigan, Jason Coleman (Coach), Shawn Harrington, Todd Bonheyo, Stephen DaSilva. (Photo courtesy of NFFAD)

Local deaf coach inspires young football players

By Chris Singleton

Local football coach Devin DeHart refuses to let a hearing disability stop him from reaching out to young athletes.

DeHart, a 24-year-old Houma native, was born deaf, but he played football as young kid and remains close to the sport as a first-year assistant coach with the East Houma Steelers junior-varsity team (9-10 year old) in the Terrebonne Parish Recreation league.

DeHart uses sign language to signal in plays and communicate with the other coaches and players.

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Source: Houma Today

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