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J’den Cox becomes first Missouri wrestler to win three national championships

By Alec Lewis

University of MissouriST. LOUIS - Tears are like losses in the Cox family — very seldom seen. But the emotions on the day that marked the end to the chapter Cathy Cox has lived, loved and likened to somewhat of a dream simply became too much.

“It keeps going through my mind, where has the time gone?” Cathy Cox said beneath a beam of sunlight nearly eight hours before her son, J’den, took college wrestling’s biggest stage for the final time at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis for the NCAA wrestling championships. “Four years — literally — you blink and it’s gone.”

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Source: The Kansas City Star

Deaf-blind skater defies the odds

By Aleisha Hendry

If you spent any time down at the Pomeroy Sport Centre to see the Masters’ Allround Games last weekend, you may have noticed one particular athlete was accompanied by his dog.

The athlete is Canadian speed skater Kevin Frost, and the dog is Lewis, Frost’s seeing eye dog.

Frost is blind, as well as deaf.

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Source: Alaska Highway News

The Silent 17.1

By Brittney Saline

Rebook Crossfit 2017 GamesReyes Ribera shifted his weight nervously as he stood before his dumbbell.

The 44-year-old typically used a 35- or 40-lb. dumbbell when the workout called for snatches, not the 50-lb. implement at his feet.

He glanced across the room, meeting the eyes of his coach and CrossFit Livermore owner, Matt Souza. Souza held up three fingers, indicating the final countdown, then slashed his fist through the air like a flagman of fitness. Ribera ripped his dumbbell off the ground.

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Source: CrossFit, Inc.

Change of Board Leadership

USA Deaf Sports FederationSanta Fe, NM – The USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) Board reluctantly accepted the resignation of its President, Jack Lamberton, effective March 9, 2017. The Board expresses its deep gratitude to Mr. Lamberton for his twenty-nine (29) years of dedicated, passionate service to USADSF in several capacities as Team Leader, Team Director, and in various Board Officer positions, serving most recently as President of the Board for the past eight (8) years. Mr. Lamberton was also recognized for his outstanding performance and services to the Federation with the President’s Award twice before he became President in 2009 and again with the Art Kruger Award in 2013 for demonstrating leadership and continuous participation, support and contribution in the Federation over an extended period of time.

Jeffrey Salit will undertake the role of President, effective immediately. Mr. Salit previously served as Vice President of the Board for eight (8) years and prior to that, he served as Vice President of the National Sports Organizations (NSOs) and as Team Leader for three (3) Deaflympics. Mr. Salit was also recognized with the President’s Award in 2013 for his outstanding performance and services to the Federation and also received the Art Kruger Award in 2015 for his leadership and continuous participation, support and contribution. Mr. Salit shares his genuine appreciation to the Board and members of the Federation for their confidence and honor to serve in this capacity. Mr. Salit’s “moving forward” motto will support the importance of teamwork and ensuring the inclusion of every member athlete, coach, and Board in carrying out the Federation’s mission.

The Board is currently working on sending the U.S. Team to the 23rd Summer Deaflympics, to take place in Samsun, Turkey, on July 18 – 30, 2017. The final roster and other details will be released. For more information, contact Jeff Salit at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Reprinted from USADSF -

Seán Herlihy promotes merits of sport for all at school for deaf children

By Michael Moynihan

When Seán Herlihy went to St Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys in Dublin, there was no GAA team, so he turned to soccer and eventually became Ireland Deaf Men’s football director, writes Michael Moynihan.

Seán Herlihy’s story will be a familiar one to many GAA members. Player at college in Dublin heads home to line out for the home club, in this case Cill na Martra in West Cork.

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Source: Irish Examiner

‘Ultimate fan’ named to Sweet Home Hall

By Patrick J. Nagy

Jimmy Gillen is the ultimate sports fan in Western New York.

Over the past three decades, Gillen rode his bike or was dropped off at countless Sweet Home High School home and away sporting events. He was also dropped off at the train station and attended thousands of games as a season ticket holder of the Buffalo Sabres, Bisons and Bandits. He also had season tickets for several years for the University at Buffalo football and men’s basketball teams. Gillen also attended Super Bowl XXVI in Minneapolis and the Sabres’ final home game at Memorial Auditorium.

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Source: Amherst Bee


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