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SOPMA aims to bring back glory to S’wak

2016 SOMPAKUCHING: The State government has allocated RM2.2 million to hold the SOPMA) Malaysian Games for the Deaf to revive the past glory of Sarawak in the Games. Chief Minister Datum Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Haji Satem said Malaysia has created history by winning gold, silver and bronze medals in the Deaflympics and Asia Pacific Games for the Deaf.

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Source: New Sarawak Tribune

Pakistan deaf cricket team crush India

LAHORE - Pakistan crushed Indian deaf cricket team by nine wickets to win the Hellenic Premier League trophy at Corfu Greece on Saturday. Batting first, Indian team scored 88 runs for the loss of nine wickets in 20 overs. Only Rahul (10) and Manjeet (11) reached the double figures.

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Source: The Nation

GOLF AWARD: Lincolnshire pro is DEAFintely on the Mark

Deafinitely Inclusive

Lincolnshire PGA professional Darren Game has achieved golf’s first DEAFinitely Inclusive Mark in England.

DEAFinitely Inclusive is UK Deaf Sports’ programme to provide deaf and hard of hearing people with information about clubs and facilities so they can be confident of receiving a fun and friendly sporting experience.

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Source: Peterborough Telegraph

King of the Court

By Janelle De Souza

Being hearing impaired does not stop him, either on the basketball court or the football field.

So much so that, although he finished his secondary school education only this year, he has already been offered a football scholarship to a US university, and has drawn the attention of other recruiters. Kushaiah King, 19, is a member of the National Under 19 Basketball Team and the only impaired team member out of 15. He also plays on the National Deaf Basketball Team, for the West in the TT Deaf Basketball League, and in the Cent

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Source: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

CADS PRESIDENCY: Pemha, 38, unfold plans to boost Deaf Sports in Africa

By Julius Shemang

Confederation of African Deaf SportsIf you are a Deaf citizen of African descend, born and living in Africa, irrespective of your age, gender, religion, culture, region and country; and whether you are residing outside the Continent of Africa: this article is for you. To all Deaf delegates, supporters and sports fans who are warming up for the forthcoming elections of the Confederation of African Deaf Sports (CADS) slated for October 2016 next month in the Republic of South Africa (RSA), I am particularly writing this piece to shine your eyes and to equip you for the golden task ahead as you elect a competent person to lead CADS.

CADS as a sports governing body has been in existence for the past nineteen years since her establishment in 1997 in Zambia, Southern Africa region. With a total of 23 registered member States on board, the lack of proper organizational structures and absence of recognition of most National Deaf Sports Federations by government around the continent, has continued to dwarf the development of sporting activities in Africa.

According to Jean Pierre Valery Pemha, a contender for the CADS Presidency who is also the President of the Cameroonian Deaf Sports Federation; a strategic action plan is needed to revamp the loss glory in the leadership of CADS. “My tenure will be that of re-organizational structures, strategic action plan”, he said, adding that, “my dream is to take CADS to the international Olympic Games to give the Deaf in Africa another great opportunity to compete with our able-abled on an equal basis “.

Asked on what qualified him to vie for the presidential seat of power, the zealed optimistic Pemha said, “though I have not held any position previously in CADS, my decision to join the race derives from the fact that there is need for total rebirth and people oriented leadership in the organization and I want to make myself readily available as a sacrificial lamb, and you can be rest assured of an accountable and transparent tenure in office”.

At present, CADS as a continental body has no sponsors and Board of Trustees (BoT) which ought to be in place. This is what the aspirant said he will ensure his administration will do and bring on board if elected and giving the mandate in order to make CADS an envy of the international community in the sporting arenas.

This is the first time in history that African Deaf Journalists will be carrying along in the build up to such groundbreaking by a presidential aspirant. Obviously, I do not hesitate to recommend him to all delegates and supporters as the best candidate and material who should be supported and giving the mandate to lead CADS for the next four years.

Participation in sporting activities both locally and internationally, be it in football, athletic, volleyball, table tennis, etc, have benefits some of which includes building ties and collaboration, promoting and improving economic, political and social relations between nations. In Deaf sports, especially in Africa, it is one of the ways to showcase ability in disability, identifying best materials among deaf athletes, advocating for true policy changes and getting African governments sign and implement laws for the full integration and protection of their citizens living with disabilities.

Already, Deaf Athletes under CADS have done well in Deaflympics and in other Games at international level, but presidential hopeful Pemha said, a lot more need to be done to truly give the African Deaf Sports a strong voice and recognized body that will stand the test of time. He is promising to ensure that CADS become a member of the International Olympic Games Committee where Deaf athletes will be encouraged and supported to participate and win gold medals for the Continent.

“I have to run for CADS Presidency because I have a vision of defending the interest of Deaf athletes in Africa and for approaching all private, local and international organizations for fundings and other supportive roles for CADS”, Pemha declared. He said he will work with and carry every member nations along on board as he set to operate an open door policy that will be inclusive and accessible for all, in addition to mobilizing other countries not in CADS register to come on board.

Pemha graduated with a Diploma in Business Administration from Yaounde University in Cameroon. In his capacity as Cameroon Deaf Sports Federation, he championed the building of a befitting secretariat for the federation and made the federal administration stronger, accountable and transparent to attract investors and sponsors both within and outside the country. Not only that, infact a lot of sporting activities were organized for the Deaf in Cameroon which opened the door and provided the enabling environment for many Deaf Sportsmen and women across the country to take part in international events recognized by the International Committee on Sports Development (ICSD) and International Olympic Committee (IOC). As an administrative expert, he also fought and got donors and funding support agencies and organizations for Cameroon Deaf Sports Federation and made Cameroon the best deaf sports in Central Africa republic.

While there are and may be other contestants for the CADS Presidency, I wish to canvas for the support of Pemha popularly called JP, a man who stand by his words, a man with permanent solutions and a visioner to enable him actualise his dreams of revolutionizing Deaf Sports in Africa. A vote for JP is a vote for continental rebirth in Deaf Sports!

Reprinted from Confederation of African Deaf Sports - CADS -

Matt Hamill, UFC's first deaf fighter, to step in cage at Turning Stone MMA event

By Geoff Herbert

Central New York's "The Hammer" is joining one of New York's first pro MMA events.

New Hartford resident Matt Hamill (10-7-0) will step into the cage with Kansas City's Julian Marquez (3-1-0) at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, N.Y., on Oct. 14. The light heavyweight match will be among five other professional fights, including John "Sexy Mexy" Castaneda vs. Gustavo Lopez, at the casino's 5,000-seat arena starting at 6 p.m.

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Source: Syracuse Media Group


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