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USA Deaflympian Sanders talks beach volleyball

In my humble opinion, 'deaf volleyball' facilitates true on-court chemistry. Often, hearing people ask me how deaf people communicate on court, and their first impression is that there's a disadvantage to not communicating with verbal cues.

I'm a pretty unlikely beach volleyball player. Growing up in urban Kansas (yes, there is such a thing), meant that beach volleyball was not in my vocabulary- or anyone else’s for that matter. My neo-Scandavian looks and fair skin translate into sun poisoning, so I prefer not to spend too much time in direct sun. Read full story.

U18 USA select team to make debut this summer

The U18 US Deaf Volleyball squad will make its debut at the Phoenix Volleyball Festival. The Volleyball Festival will be held June 23-28, 2013 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. More information can be found at The U18 squad is composed of the top deaf high school volleyball players in the nation.  Read full story.

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