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Friday, December 1, 2017

americanSummary of day 1 of the New England Tip off (Contributed by Athletic Director Mason Wood)

ASD Varsity Girls played against Rhode Island School for the Deaf to open the tournament. After a messy first quarter ASD was able to score in the final seconds to take a 2-0 lead. The basket appeared to set things in motion for ASD as they rolled to a 33-6 victory in a game that featured more combined turnovers than combined points scored.

ASD Varsity Boys played against Horace Mann School for the Deaf for the second game. ASD raced out to a 10-0 lead early highlighted with quick ball movement. The score was 36-5 at halftime and started a running clock for the second half. ASD played their second string for the second half and won the game 69-11.

Marie Philip School for the Deaf Girls played against Horace Mann School for the Deaf. Marie Philip overcame some early mental errors to take a commanding lead by halftime. MPS initiated a running clock early in the fourth quarter before HMSD started to make a small comeback but MPS was able to secure a 36-13 victory.

In our final game of the night, Marie Philip School for the Deaf Boys faced Rhode Island School for the Deaf. MPS controlled the game immediately from the start. The score was 36-0 at halftime. MPS then cruised to a 46-13 victory following a running clock for the second half.

RISD Girls will play HMSD Girls for 3rd place at 9:00 am
HMSD Boys will play RISD Boys for 3rd place at 10:30 am
MPS Girls will play ASD Girls for the Championship at 12:00 pm
ASD Boys will play MPS Boys for the Championship at 1:30 pm

Boys Basketball

kentuckyAlabama 59 Kentucky 12

Alabama opened up the game with a 28-0 run thanks to full court pressure that led Kentucky into piling up turnovers at the Viking Classic being held at the Tennessee School for the Deaf. Aaron Howard’s 3-pointer put finally got Kentucky on board. Youth and inexperience was a big factor for Kentucky. Kentucky had 28 turnovers with 20 of them coming in the first half. Howard and Yance each had a three-pointer. (Contributed by Coach Leslie Stayer, Jr.)

KSD   0--5--5--2 = 12
ASD 18-16-13-12 = 59

Halftime - Alabama led 34-5.

KSD (0-2): Yance 3, Ward 4, Howard 5.

ASD (4-2) Dorda 4, Stults 4, Holman 6, Wallace 12, McKinnie 6, Garrett 2, Paige 5, Williams 8, McCroe 2, Simons 10.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Boys Basketball

virginiaeastern-north-carolinaEastern North Carolina 40 Virginia 26

Eastern North Carolina picked up its’ fifth win of the season on the road against Virginia. Jeremiah Deans powered Eastern North Carolina’s offense with 12 points followed by Luis Vargus with 11. Thomas Manning had 13 points for Virginia.

ENCSD 11-18-8--3 = 40
VSDB     4--3-7-12 = 26

Halftime - Eastern North Carolina led 29-7.

ENCSD (5-0): Deans 12, Eason, Vargus 11, Carlton 10, Foote, Cooke, Robinson 7, Brayboy, McLaughlin.

VSDB (1-3): Maxwell 3, King 1, Manning 13, Laurore 1, Decker, Manning 8.