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Oklahoma hosts Indian Classic

Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9, 2017

oklahomaOklahoma School for the Deaf hosted the Indian Classic basketball and cheerleading tournament featuring round-robin games with Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

Oklahoma 10 Texas 48
Texas 52 Arkansas 14
Oklahoma 40 Louisiana 6

Arkansas 37 Louisiana 16
Louisiana 2 Texas 59
Arkansas 42 Oklahoma 33

Final Results
1st) Texas 3-0
2nd) Arkansas 2-1
3rd) Oklahoma 1-2
4th) Louisiana 0-3

All-Tournament Team
Texas - Jaelene Etkie, Sunita Schmidjorg, Janelle Coons
Arkansas - Mikka Coburn, Cleara Williams, Alerts Henriquez
Oklahoma - Emily Cavello, Miracle Pearson
Louisiana - Kate Scott, Jordan Alnajjar

Arkansas 41 Louisiana 18
Louisiana 26 Texas 69
Arkansas 50 Oklahoma 54

Oklahoma 32 Texas 68
Texas 59 Arkansas 26
Oklahoma 48 Louisiana 44

Final Results
1st) Texas 3-0
2nd) Oklahoma 2-1
3rd) Arkansas 1-2
4th) Louisiana 0-3

All-Tournament Team
Texas - Keaton Hamilton, Jack Scarboro, Robert Stewart
Oklahoma - Parker Simpson II, Dylan Evans, Isaiah Holt
Arkansas - Shaqke Robinson, Shamsudeen Sulaiman
Louisiana - D’Arius Hayes, Jordan Howard

Free Throw Contest
Girls - Texas
Boys - Texas

3-point Contest
Girls - Texas
Boys - Texas (Texas wins on sudden death one shot over Oklahoma)

Girls - Louisiana
Boys - Louisiana


1st) Louisiana
2nd) Texas

1st) Dylan Evans, Oklahoma and Adrian Lee, Louisiana
2nd) Emily Cavello, Oklahoma
3rd) Alissa Resch, Texas

All-Torrnamnet Team
Arkansas - Brianna Stephens, Faith Stufflebean
Louisiana - Capriana Frank
Oklahoma - Emily Cavello, Benita Felker
Texas - Alissa Resch

Alabama hosts annual Hackney Classic

Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9, 2017

alabamaAlabama School for the Deaf hosted the annual Hackney Classic round-robin games with Florida, Maryland, and Mississippi.

Maryland 44 Florida 6
Mississippi 52 Alabama 10
Maryland 47 Mississippi 44
Mississippi 46 Florida 38
Florida 32 Alabama 24

Maryland 2-0
Mississippi 2-1
Florida 1-2
Alabama 0-2

Maryland 74 Florida 56
Mississippi 63 Alabama 48
Maryland 61 Mississippi 27
Maryland 57 Alabama 29
Mississippi 55 Florida 50
Alabama 46 Florida 31

Maryland 3-0
Mississippi 2-1
Alabama 1-2
Florida 0-3

floridaFlorida Girls

We had a great trip to Alabama. On Friday morning, we were surprised to see the snow. Believe it or not, nine of our girls saw snow for the first time. They enjoyed every moment of it. Other than snow, our girls played hard against all three Deaf schools. We had our ups and downs with our defense and offense. We will continue to practice hard and improve. (Contributed by Head Coach Joy Moers)

Maryland 44 Florida 6

FSDB (1-4): Ja’Myra Harris 3, Keliah Williams 2, Lourdine Jordonne 1.

Mississippi 48 Florida 26

FSDB (1-5): Oceana Brown 8, Lourdine Jordonne 7, Olivia Brown 6, Keliah Williams 3, Ja’Myra Harris 2.

Florida 32 Alabama 24

FSDB (2-5): Oceana Brown 11, Lourdine Jordonne 9, Olivia Brown 4, Keliah Williams 4, Samantha Suarez 2, Ja’Myra Harris 2.

floridaFlorida Boys

We just got back from Talladega, Alabama playing in the Hackney Classic. First off, let me say what a wonderful host Alabama School for the Deaf was. Thank You!

The snow blanketed ground greeted us Friday morning as we woke up. It was a pleasant surprise and it was the first time a few of our boys saw snow.

We played three games and were unable to muster up a victory. Back to the drawing board for us. It was a great learning experience. We will bounce back from it and become a better team. (Contributed by Head Coach Eric LeFors)

Maryland 73 Florida 56
Mississippi 55 Florida 50
Alabama 46 Florida 31

mississippiMississippi Girls

Mississippi 48 Florida 26

MSD (8-1): Korienea Guy 18, Alexis Roberts 12, Nilah Orey 10, Tamera Grant 4, Raegan Hendrix 4.

marylandMaryland Boys

Maryland 57 Alabama 29

MSD 16-14-22-5 = 57
ASD  12–-2--8-7 = 29

Halftime - Marlyland led 30-14.

MSD (5-0)
Jaden Joseph: 3 points, 6 assists, 7 steals, 4 rebounds
John Werner, Jr.: 10 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds
Rory Lewis: 18 points
Esteban Kovacs: 8 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds
Miguel Pavao: 7 points, 3 rebounds
Stefan Anderson: 6 points, 7 rebounds
Ethan Sheppeck: 5 points

Team Total FG: 22
Team Total 3FG: 10 (Lewis 6, Kovacs 2, Sheppeck, Werner, Jr.)
Team Total FT: 3-6

ASD (7-6): Jacob Darda 2, Ke'Tiez Holman 4, Marc Wallace 2, Cory McKinnie 16, Jaquan Rankins 4, Keith Williams 1.

Team Total FG: 13
Team Total 3FG: 0
Team Total FT: 3-6

For additional coverage of Friday, December 8th games at the Hackney Classic, visit Prep Boys Basketball Roundup - December 9 and Prep Girls Basketball Roundup - December 9.

Prep Basketball Roundup - December 11

Friday, December 8, 2017

Girls Basketball

new-yorkMarie Philip 37 New York 34

New York lost a close game to Marie Philip last Friday. We had a lead with seven points in less than two minutes remaining in the game and two of our key players fouled out. We struggled with foul troubles and Marie Philip took advantage of that at the charity stripe. Anjel Perez led the team with 11 points and 12 rebounds. Silmara Campos had six points and three steals. (Contributed by Head Coach John Diehl)

NYSD 2-7-19--6 = 34
MPS 11-0-13-13 = 37

Halftime - Marie Philip led 11-9.

Boys Basketball

new-yorkMarie Philip 66 New York 35

Marie Philip raced to a big lead early in first half and we could match up as we struggled with our team chemistry in the first half. We did not do well with rebounding and turnovers. After refocusing at halftime, we played a much better in the second half but we had no answer for Marie Philip. Joshua Crawford-Ponder led the team with 10 points going for 5-of-5 at the free-throw line and a block. (Contributed by Head Coach Nicolas Tegni)

NYSD 11-24 = 35
MPS   37-29 = 64

Halftime - Marie Philip led 37-11.

Team Total FG: 17
Team Total 3FG: 0
Team Total FT: 1-7

New Jersey hosts 21st annual Tip Off tournament

Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9, 2017

new-jersey21st Annual NJSD Tip Off Basketball Tournament at New Jersey School for the Deaf.

Delaware 40 Rochester 22 - Semifinals
New Jersey 21 Rhode Island 5 - Semifinals
Rochester 25 Rhode Island 15 - 3rd Place
Delaware 42 New Jersey 14 - Championship

Final Results
1st) Delaware
2nd) New Jersey
3rd) Rochester
4th) Rhode Island

Sportsmanship - Rhode Island

All-Tournament Team
Carolyn Russell, Delaware
JJ Bratton, Delaware
De'Avian Watson, New Jersesy
Alexis Holland, New Jersesy
Emma Kane, Rochester
Yasmin Sicaju, Rhode Island

New Jersey 26 Rhode Island 19 - Semifinals
Rochester 36 Delaware 30 - Semifinals
Rhode Island 40 Delaware 16 - 3rd Place
New Jersey 61 Rochester 42 - Championship

Final Results
1st) New Jersey
2nd) Rochester
3rd) Rhode Island
4th) Delaware

Sportsmanship - Delaware

All-Tournament Team
Chris Brown, New Jersey
Naim Webb, New Jersey
Bode Aggas, Rochester
Levi Ruper, Rochester
Juan Fernandez, Rhode Island
Dominic Hecker, Delaware

rhode-islandRhode Island Tournament Summaries.

New Jersey 21 Rhode Island 5 - Semifinals

Our RISD girls' Basketball Team traveled to Trenton, NJ for the NJSD Basketball Tip-Off Tournament/Homecoming Weekend. Our girls didn't have much time to really warm up and mentally get in the game and this showed in the first quarter as NJSD jumped out to a 11-2 lead. Our girls were able to clamp down on defense, only allowing 10 points the rest of the game but our offense just wasn't quite there today. NJSD won the game 21-5.

RISD   2-0-0-3 = 5
NJSD 11-0-6-4 = 21

Halftime - New Jersey led 11-2.

RISD (0-4) Melissa E-G 2, Lillian K. 2, Ellie L. 1.

Rochester 25 Rhode Island 15 - 3rd Place

On Saturday in the 3rd place game, we played Rochester School for the Deaf. This time, our girls were ready to play and it showed on the basketball court! Our girls battled Rochester's girls and the halftime score remained very close at 12-8.

We had many chances to cut the lead or even take the lead for ourselves, but the shots just wouldn't fall through the net and Rochester was eventually able to score a couple of times to build their lead One of our starters got hurt in the second half, which allowed RSD to pull away with the lead and win the game 25-15.

RSD  6-6-6-9 = 25
RISD 4-4-1-6 = 15

Halftime - Rochester led 12-8.

RISD (0-5): Melissa E. 7, Ellie L. 6, Lillian K. 2.

New Jersey 26 Rhode Island 19 - Semifinals

On Friday, we traveled to New Jersey to participate in the NJSD Basketball Tip-Off Tournament as well as their Homecoming. Our boys were scheduled against the host school's boys team. This was the third time we would play New Jersey as both schools met in the last two ESDAA Boys basketball tournaments. This game was the battle from the start, and NJSD capitalized on an off-shooting night from our team and turnovers to win the game 26-19.
Mario Pacheco led the Roosters with six points and five rebounds and Juan Fernandes contributed four points and 11 rebounds.

Rhode Island 40 Delaware 16 - 3rd Place

On Saturday morning in the 3rd place game, we played Delaware School for the Deaf. The coaches placed a strong emphasis on our defensive game plan and our Roosters executed the plan very well, which helped us build a quick lead. We were able to hold the lead from the beginning to the end, winning the game by the score of 40-16. Freshman point guard Jayden Elias scored a career-high 15 points and Juan Fernandes recorded a double-double with 14 points and 11 rebounds, which came on his eighteenth birthday. Fernandes was selected as an Tournament All-Star.

*Contributed by Athletic Director Nathan Engel.

Prep Boys Basketball Roundup - December 9

Friday, December 8, 2017

kentuckyPennsylvania 44 Kentucky 25

Kentucky opened the game with Pennsylvania at the WPSD Homecoming Tournament with four straight turnovers. We attempted only eight field goals in the first half and Pennsylvania scored all of their first quarter points in the paint via offense rebounds. Pennsylvania had 15 offensive rebounds. Rebounding has been a big issue for us all year. Turnovers continued to be a plague for Kentucky this season as they had 35 for the game.

Aaron Howard had 19 points on 6-14 shooting and 6-12 on free throws plus a three pointer. He also had three steals. Richard Ward had six rebounds. (Contributed by Coach Leslie Stayer, Jr.)

KSD  3-7-10-5 = 25
PSD 16-7-15-6 = 44

Halftime - Pennsylvania led 25-10.

KSD (0-6): Howard 19, Yance 2, Collins 2, Vickery 2.

PSD (2-1): Cross 6, Ford 24, Dammer 6, Nguyen 4, Roame 4.

marylandMaryland 74 Florida 56

Rory Lewis led Maryland with 18 points over Florida at the Hackney Classic followed by Esteban Kovacs with 17. Both Lewis and Kovacs had four three-pointers.

Quintin Galpine had team high 20 points for Florida and Yahir Rodriguez added 11.

FSDB 13-14-19-10 = 56
MSD  19-21-16-17 = 73

Halftime - Maryland led 40-27.

MSD (3-0): John Werner, Jr. 13, Rory Lewis 18, Esteban Kovacs 17, Miguel Pavao 2, Stefan Anderson 14, Jason Werner 9.

Team Total FG: 28
Team Total 3FG: 10 (Kovacs 4, Lewis 4, Werner, Jr. 2)
Team Total FT: 7-16

FSDB (3-2): Yahir Rodriguez 11, Samy Vital 8, Walt Douglas 3, Quintin Galpine 20, Enow Otto 2, Cody Newsome 4, Wallace Burrell 8.

Team Total FG: 24
Team Total 3FG: 4 (Rodriguez 3. Douglas)
Team Total FT: 4-14

marylandMaryland 61 Mississippi 27

Maryland jumped out to a 16-point lead over Mississippi in the first quarter and never looked back at the Hackney Classic. Stefan Anderson picked up a double-double for Maryland with 16 points and 11 rebounds. John Werner, Jr. had team high 17 points and dished out three assists. Maryland held Mississippi’s top scoring threat in Kenmarkis Meeks to just three points.

MIS   7-7-10-3 = 27
MAR 23-8-24-6 = 61

Halftime - Maryland led 31-14.

MAR (4-0)
Jaden Joseph: 6 points, 7 rebounds
John Werner, Jr.: 17 points, 3 assists, 4 steals
Rory Lewis: 13 points, 6 rebounds, 4 steals
Esteban Kovacs: 3 points, 3 rebounds
Stefan Anderson: 16 points, 11 rebounds
Jason Werner: 4 points, 4 rebounds
Ethan Sheppeck: 2 points

Team Total FG: 24
Team Total 3FG: 4 (Lewis 2, Anderson, Werner, Jr.)
Team Total FT: 9-17

MIS (3-5): Kenmarkis Meeks 3, Mark Campbell 10, Alexander Jones 8, Fredrick Nelson 4, Keyshawn Moore 2.

Team Total FG: 11
Team Total 3FG: 3 (Campbell 2, Meeks)
Team Total FT: 2-9

Prep Girls Basketball Roundup - December 9

Friday, December 8, 2017

marylandMaryland 44 Florida 6

Maryland cruised past Florida at the Hackney Classic with Cassidy Perry picking up another double-double scoring 16 points and grabbing 10 rebounds.

FSDB  0--2--2-2 = 6
MSD 12-14-12-6 = 44

Halftime - Maryland led 26-2.

MSD (2-1)
A. Glennon: 1 point, 1 steal
S. Herzig Wilcox: 10 points, 3 rebounds
A. Patterson: 4 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals
C. Perry: 16 points, 10 rebounds, 5 steals, 2 assists
R. Guettler: 6 points, 5 rebounds, 4 steals, 4 assists
H. Johnston-Shaw: 4 steals, 2 assists
E. Beldon: 3 points, 2 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 assists
M. Luebehusen: 2 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 assist
E. Kovacs: 4 points, 2 rebounds

Team Total FG: 18
Team Total 3FG: 0
Team Total FT: 8-14

FSDB (1-4): K. Williams 2, J. Harris 3, L. Jordonne 1.

Team Total FG: 1
Team Total 3FG: 1 (Harris)
Team Total FT: 1-2

mississippiMississippi 52 Alabama 10

Alexis Roberts scored team best 17 points for Mississippi in a lopsided win against Alabama at the Hackney Classic. Regan Hendrix and Korean Guy had 12 points each.

MSD (7-0): Raegan Hendrix 12, Alexis Roberts 17, Korienea Guy 12, Tamera Grant 8.

mississippimarylandMaryland 47 Mississippi 44

The last girls game of the night at the Hackney Classic pitted the defending NDIAA (National Deaf Interscholastic Athletic Association) national champions Maryland (Division 1) and Mississippi (Division 2).

Maryland outscored Mississippi 18-8 in the second quarter to take a five-point lead at the half. The five-point margin would prove to be crucial for Maryland as both teams played evenly in the second half with Mississippi cutting Maryland’s lead to three points to start the fourth quarter. Both teams played to a 11-11 tie in the fourth quarter giving the close game to Maryland, 47-44.

Mississippi’s big three scored in the double digits with Nilah O’Rey scoring 18 followed by Reagan Hendrix with 13 and Alexis Roberts with 11.

Maryland was powered by their go to player in Cassidy Perry who finished with 25 points, six rebounds, four steals, and two blocks.

MIS  15--8-10-11 = 44
MAR 10-18--8-11 = 47

Halftime - Maryland led 28-23.

MIS (7-1): Raegan Hendrix 13, Nilah O'Rey 18, Alexis Roberts 11, Tamera Grant 2.

Team FG: 20
Team 3-FG: 0
Team FT: 4-9

MAR (3-1)
S. Herzig-Wilcox: 2 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists
A. Patterson: 2 points, 4 rebounds
C. Perry: 25 points, 6 rebounds, 4 steals, 3 assists, 2 blocks
R. Guettler: 10 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist
E. Beldon: 6 points, 1 rebound, 1 steal, 3 assists, 1 block
E. Kovacs: 2 points, 3 rebounds

Team Total FG: 21
Team Total 3FG: 0
Team Total FT: 5-8

western-pennsylvaniaWestern Pennsylvania 28 Ohio 22

Danielle Fisher scored team best 12 points to lead Western Pennsylvania past Ohio in the first game of the WPSD Homecoming tournament.

WPSD (2-0): Danielle Fisher 12, Ryane Smalley 6, Cheyenne Sloan 6.

indianaIndianapolis International 36 Indiana 35

Indiana suffered a gut-wrenching loss to Indianapolis International coming up on the short end of a tight game, 36-35. Anya Pothorski had team high 14 points for Indiana followed by Caitlyn Smith with nine.

II (3-4): Caldwell 15, Ybaara 9, Sasse 5, Long 4, Burke 3.

ISD (3-7): Anya Pothroski 14, Caitlyn Smith 9, Kate Lorenzo 7, Kalena Bumbala 5.

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