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Prep Football Roundup - September 11

Saturday, September 9, 2017

kansasKansas (1-1) 60 Wisconsin (0-1) 22

Last Saturday afternoon, Kansas School for the Deaf and Wisconsin School for the Deaf played their first deaf football game of the season. KSD anticipated WSD to be great competition due to the Payne brothers who play with great speed. It was unfortunate for Wisconsin that they did not play. KSD beat WSD, 60 to 22 and played an excellent game.

KSD will travel to Minnesota Academy School for the Deaf this Saturday, September 16. Minnesota is favored to be the GPSD (Great Plains Schools for the Deaf) champion this year because they have many experienced players. KSD is playing with five new starters and three experienced players. KSD is looking forward a challenging game because of their history with Minnesota. (Contributed by Head Coach Richard Ward)

model-secondaryModel (1-2) 22 Alabama (0-3) 6

Arnold Hatton rushed for two touchdowns and had one touchdown reception to lead Model past Alabama. Truth Dorsette had team high 81 rushing yards and Kalib Jones led the defense with 15 tackles.

PASSING: Zachary D’Angelo 3-7-28-1-1.

RUSHING: Truth Dorsette 7-81, Zachary D’Angelo 6-47, Arnold Hatton 5-45 2TD, Zeke Martinez 4-15.

RECEIVING: Celso Martinez 1-13, Arnold Hatton 1-15 TD, Derrick Griffin 1-0.

TOTAL YARDS: 216 (Passing 28/Rushing 188).

TACKLES: Truth Dorsette 12, Kalib Jones 15, Olajuwon Waddell 1, Celso Martinez 1, Arnold Hatton 4, Zeke Martinez 1, Danny Kennedy-Ireland 10, Noah Spinosi 4, Alexander Holt 8, Maguire Hause 7, Jose Ruiz III 1, David McNichol 1, Marquize Nash 7.

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