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Deaf Norwalk soccer player Ethan Froehlich moves in a silent world, where attitude overcomes obstacles

By John Naughton

2018 Ethan Froehlich
Norwalk soccer player Ethan Froehlich has been deaf since birth. Here he practices April 11, 2018, with his mother Traci Froehlich acting as a sign language interpreter for the Norwalk coach Dustin Kralik's commands. Ethan is believed to be the only deaf soccer player competing for a sanctioned varsity team in Iowa.

NORWALK, Ia. — Imagine all the sounds a high school soccer player hears during a match.

The cheering, shouting fans.

The communication among teammates and coaches.

The whistles of the officials.

The footsteps and collisions of the players and the thump when the ball is kicked.

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Source: Des Moines Register

Photo credit - Rodney White/The Register

Prep Soccer Roundup - November 14

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

lexingtonWinston Prep 5 Lexington 0 - Metro Championship

After a scoreless first half, Winston Prep scored five goals in the second half to win the Metro League championship title against Lexington. Goalie Tayqwan Richardson had 13 saves and Lexington had two shots on goal. Lexington closes out the 2017 season with a 8-8-1 record.

LEX 0-0 = 0
WP  0-5 = 5

Prep Soccer Roundup - November 8

Monday, November 6, 2017

lexingtonLexington 2 Lowell 0 - Metro Semifinals

Jovanni Vegas and Christian Zitle each scored a goal in the second half to power Lexington past Lowell in the Metro League semifinals. Goalie Tayqwan Richardson had six saves on the day and the team made 19 shots on goal.

LEX  0-2 = 2
LOW 0-0 = 0

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

lexingtonLexington 4 Summit Queens 0

Lexington closed out their regular season on a positive note. Christian Zitle gave Lexington a 1-0 lead in the first half. In the second half, Jovanni Vega scored two goals and David Perez added another for a 4-0 victory. Lexington had 15 shots on goal for the day.

SQ  0-0 = 0
LEX 1-3 = 4

Prep Soccer Roundup - November 7

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

new-yorkMasters School 5 New York 2

Christian Gonzalez scored one goal and had one assist. Yazeed Al-khatib kicked in a goal at the buzzer. Gregorio Ulterio had 13 saves, Chris Marin-Paffox had seven saves and Alnord Deski had six saves. New York-Fanwood finish the season at 2-14. (Contributed by Head Coach Paul Ditimi)

Monday, October 30, 2017

new-yorkHudson School 9 New York 4

In our final home game, Gregorio Ulterio scored two goals and had one assist in the 80th minute as New York lost to Hudson School. Hudson School went ahead 5-2 in the first half when Christian Gonzalez missed a penalty kick, but he scored a goal. Chris Marin-Palafox had nine saves and Joshua Crawford-Ponder had six saves. (Contributed by Head Coach Paul Ditimi)

Prep Soccer Roundup - October 27

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

marie-philipCommonwealth School 5 Marie Philip 0 - MBIL D2 Semifinals

Marie Philip School had qualified for Massachusetts Bay Independent League (MBIL) playoff, earning a #4 seed. We played against the #1 seed, Commonwealth School in the semifinal. We originally planned to have an away game in Boston but due to field condition in Boston from the rain, the Commonwealth School hosted their playoff game at MPS field.

Commonwealth School brought 19 players and nine of them are seniors. We tried our best to play the game and worked together to build the wall that would not allow Commonwealth to score a goal. We made a mistake that gave them a goal as we were down by one goal, 1-0 at halftime.

We played really good in the second half until Commonwealth started to figure out our game plan and found a way to control the game. When Commonwealth scored the second goal, we suddenly fell apart, but we kept trying to get two goals. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep up as they won the semifinal game. Our goalkeeper Dakota Rochette did an amazing job which he made 23 saves. (Contributed by Head Coach Jason Cserny)

A battle beneath the rainbows

By Steph Chambers

western-pennsylvaniaIn sports, there’s nothing more inspirational than a comeback win. 

Ok, throw in a double rainbow. Then there really is nothing more dramatic. 

Though Plants and Pillars Homeschool Co-op scored first and dominated most of the game, The Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf scored with four minutes left in regulation during its championship game Tuesday at Highmark Stadium. 

After a stalemate in overtime, the teams advanced to a five player shootout. But it took a second round of kicks to finally snap the deadlock.

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Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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