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Prep Soccer Roundup - October 17

Monday, October 16, 2017

new-yorkEF International Academy 8 New York 1

Christian Gonzalez scored one goal on nine shots. Dana Canteen had 17 saves, John Panaganiban had nine saves, and Alnord Deski had eight saves. Injuries decimated our lineup as we had only eight players on the field. (Contributed by Head Coach Paul Ditimi)

NYSD 1-0 = 1
EFIA  2-6 = 8

pennsylvaniaPennsylvania 2 New Jersey 1

Nasir Ford scored two goals for Pennsylvania for a win against New Jersey. William Sepalveda did a great job in his first start as a goalie. (Contributed by Athletic Director Matt Bujak)

NJSD 0-1 = 1
PSD   1-1 = 2

Goals: Nasir Ford 2
Shots on Goal: 9

Goals: Stanley Uka 1
Shots on Goal: 14

Saturday, October 14, 2017

new-yorkMarie Philip 8 New York 5

Marie Philip scored seven goals in the first 40 minutes and cruised to defeat us, 8-5. Christian Gonzalez scored two goals and had two assists. Yazeed Al-khatib had three assists and five shots. Gregorio Ulerio also scored a goal and Dana Canteen made seven saves while John Panaganiban had 10 saves. (Contributed by Head Coach Paul Ditimi)

MPS   6-2 = 8
NYSD 3-2 = 5

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

new-yorkAmerican 3 New York 1

Yazeed Al-khatib had the lone goal for Fanwood on an error by American. Goalie Fernando Tejada had 18 saves. John Panaganiban had six saves. (Contributed by Head Coach Paul Ditimi)

St. Mary's to host ESDAA Division 2 Soccer tourney

stmarysSt. Mary’s School for the Deaf will be hosting the ESDAA (Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association) Division 2 soccer tournament this weekend. The Division 2 tournament will be played in 8 v 8 format.

Friday, October 20 2017
Pool A
12:00 Rochester vs Pennsylvania/Mill Neck
2:00 Pennsylvania/Mill Neck vs Rhode Island
4:00 Rochester vs Rhode Island

Pool B
11:00 St. Mary’s vs New York State
1:00 New Jersey vs West Virginia
3:00 New York State vs West Virginia
5:00 St. Mary’s vs New Jersey

Saturday, October 21, 2017
Pool B
9:00 New York State vs New Jersey
10:00 St. Mary’s vs West Virginia

11:00 Game 1 - Pool A #1 vs Pool B #2
12:00 Game 2 - Pool A #2 vs Pool B #1
1:00 Game 3 - Pool A #3 vs Pool B #3 for 5th/6th Place
2:00 Game 4 - Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2 for 3rd/4th Place
3:00 Game 5 - Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2 for Championship

Prep Soccer Roundup - October 16

Friday, October 13, 2017

rhode-islandNew York State 6 Rhode Island 4

Rhode Island School for the Deaf Varsity Soccer Team left school early Friday morning to make the trip to Rome, N.Y. for the International Friendship Tournament. We were scheduled to play New York State School for the Deaf (NYSSD) at 2 P.M. and our team was looking forward to it as we finally got past the tough part of our schedule and were looking forward to playing teams more closer to our level, starting with NYSSD.

We got off to a quick start with a goal within the first two minutes by our star forward Timothy who weaved through the Trojans' defense with ease. We kept on pressing the ball inside Rome's half of the field but couldn't get more goals. Rome would utilize their two tall midfielders to push the ball past our defense twice and scored two times within three minutes to take a 2-1 lead. We were able to get one more goal minutes before halftime on a penalty kick so the halftime score was tied at 2-2.

Our Roosters came out of halftime fired up and were able to capitalize by scoring two quick goals within the first five minutes to build a 4-2 lead. There were still 30 minutes left to play, so we had to keep going. Fatigue eventually caught up to us and we weren't able to hold our lead as Rome once again scored two goals within minutes of each other to knot the game up. Within the last two minutes, Rome added two more goals to pull out with the win, 6-4. (Contributed by Athletic Director Nathan Engel)

Timothy Jallah: 3 goals
Jayden Elias: 1 goal, 1 assist
Juan Fernandes: 4 saves

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Rochester 4 Rhode Island 1

rhode-islandRhode Island - It was tough to move on from yesterday's setback but the coaches tried their best to get the players to be ready for this 10:30 A.M. game. Our players' minds weren't completely in it during the first half as we allowed Rochester to score three times in the first half to build a 3-0 lead coming into halftime.

The coaches fired up the players and got them to play the second half with more urgency and poise. We would give up one goal to Rochester before finally becoming more aggressive and we were able to penetrate Rochester's defense frequently while keeping the ball inside their half and had numerous opportunities to score, but were able to capitalize only once. We lost to Rochester by the final score of 4-1. This was a great test for us as we will play them once again this Friday at the ESDAA Division 2 Soccer Tournament. (Contributed by Athletic Director Nathan Engel)

Timothy Jallah: 1 goal
Jayden Elias: 1 assist
Juan Fernandes: 8 saves

rochesterRochester - We faced Rhode Island in the last game of the Friendship Tournament at Rome, N.Y. It was agreed upon to play 8 vs. 8 this game. We were very excited to see how this match would unfold as we knew we would see them next weekend for ESDAA.

RSD came out strong and was able to capitalize early. Courtney Gentzke had two goals in the first half with Bryn Huggins adding another to end the half 3-0.

In the second half, Issac Perez knocked in another Penalty kick. Rhode Island was able to score one goal before the final buzzer, ending the game at 4-1. (Contributed by Coach Scott Lipitz)

Goals: Gentzke 2, Huggins 1, Perez 1.
Assists: Walshvelo 2.

marie-philipMarie Philip 8 New York 5

Marie Philip School went on a long journey to New York School for the Deaf-Fanwood for homecoming. MPS made a great start as we quickly led 5-1 within 20 minutes during the first half. We've missed too many chances that really frustrated our team.

In the second half, MPS defensive line tried to stop one talented NYSD offensive player but he was too fast. We made a lot of mistakes in the back to give Fanwood more goals. Again, MPS offensive line kept missing more scoring opportunities that we could've scored more goals, however we managed to hang on the lead on the way to a victory. (Contributed by Head Coach Jason Cserny)

Prep Soccer Roundup - October 14

Friday, October 13, 2017

rochesterMill Neck/Pennsylvania/Rochester 5 Team Canada 3

Team Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD) travelled to Rome to participate in their annual International Friendship Tournament. In our first game, we joined up with Millneck and Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PSD) to take on the two Canadian Teams.

Team USA decided to split the half into two quarters. During the first "quarter," Millneck/PSD would play as a team against Team Canada, and RSD would play the last twenty minutes.

When it was RSD's opportunity to enter the game, we were down 2-1. RSD came out aggressive and hungry as always. Even though Team Canada had three highly talented players, we were a much more rounded team, allowing us to move the ball much better. As a result, we were able to quickly score on a free kick to tie the game 2-2. Late in the half, we were also afforded a penalty kick. Isaac Perez gave us a 3-2 lead into halftime.

As discussed, RSD was going to start on the field against Team Canada for the first twenty minutes. Our forward, Isaac Perez was able to capitalize on a deflected ball inside the box and find the back of the net. Also, with just a few minutes left for us on the field, we capitalized on another free kick. It was Bode Aggas who made a beautiful goal outside the 18' that found the far post corner.

Even though PSD/Millneck allowed one goal during their time, we built a big enough cushion to hang on to win 5-3 against Team Canada. It was a great match by all the American Teams. (Contributed by Coach Scott Lipitz)

Goals: Aggas 2, Perez 2.

Prep Soccer Roundup - October 13

Thursday, October 12, 2017

western-pennsylvaniaWestern Pennsylvania 4 First Baptist Christian 3

Playing in three tough road games in three days - ouch! We lost the first two road games 2-1 and 3-1. On the third day, traveling to First Baptist, our goal is to make sure that they do not clinch the second seed and host the first round of playoffs. We found ourselves down 3-0 at the halftime but we are not about to wave the white flag. We clawed and scratched our way back in and scored four goals to their none, winning this game, 4-3. With this victory, we ended up .500 in the league play and forced First Baptist to travel in the first round of playoffs. We have a week of "rest and recuperate" before embarking to Marie Philip School for the third annual ESDAA Division I Soccer Tournament. (Contributed by Head Coach Val Wojton)

FBC    3-0 = 3
WPSD 0-4 = 4

League record: 5-5-0

stmarysChristian Academy of Western New York 3 St. Mary's 0

The Bison travelled to North Tonawanda yesterday afternoon to face off against the Eagles from the Christian Academy of Western New York (CAWNY). This was our first of two meetings against CAWNY this season. Once we arrived to the game it was clear that the boys were going to get a little dirty. The field was completely water logged with giant standing puddles all over. The conditions were borderline non playable but with no other dates on the calendar to make up a postponed match we were forced into action.

Both teams seemed to struggle in the first half of the contest. Any time an attempt was made to advance the ball into the other team’s offensive zone, it would sink into the ground and not move. The Eagles as well as the Bison couldn’t dribble or make any type of fluid pass to set up scoring chances. The score was 0-0 at halftime and both benches were trying to figure out a strategy that would help get their squad on the board.

In the second half of play, both teams spread out the field in an effort to keep the ball out of the middle where the majority of water was. The Bison had some solid chances to score but all of our shots either went wide or over the cage. Unfortunately, our opposition took advantage of their opportunities and were able to sneak a few past our keeper. As the game wore on, we were forced to take some more offensive risks by pushing up the field and adding an extra offensive attacker. That however left our defense exposed to some odd man rushes by the Eagles which in turn resulted in a 3-0 loss. The Bisons will learn from this experience and use it when we play CAWNY again next week Tuesday at our house. This will be our last tune-up before we host the D2 ESDAA soccer tournament next weekend. (Contributed by Head Coach Bryan Booke)

SMSD   0-0 = 0
CAWNY 0-3 = 3

Individual Stats:
Christian Lawrence: 8 saves

rochesterRochester Rapids Homeschool 7 Rochester 2

Powerhouse Rapids took on RSD on our pitch for a non-league game. The Rapids had a copious amount of substitutes compared to our two. With 80 minute games, we knew this may be trouble.

The first half was extremely even as both teams were playing aggressive. For the first time this season, Rapids was able to score against us first. However, within just a few minutes later, off a free kick by Bode Aggas, Walshvelo was able to tie the game 1-a-piece. We were looking to go into halftime at a tie, but Rapids was able to sneak a beautiful shot in our net during the waning minutes of the first half.

In the second half, Rapids were able to pull away. RSD battled tough and was able to tack on one more goal, but it was not enough. We had several opportunities to make the game competitive, but we just couldn't finish on goal.

RSD travels to the Friendship Tournament this weekend in Rome where we will be playing 11 v 11 by combining with a few different schools. (Contributed by Coach Scott Lipitz)

RSD 1-1 = 2
RR   2-5 = 7

Goals: Walshvelo 1, Aggas 1.
Assists: Aggas 1, Coates 1.

lexingtonamericanAmerican 1 Lexington 0

Lexington - Goalie Tayqwan Richardson had nine saves and the team had 12 shots but failed to score.

American - Our team was exhausted from the Wednesday game and still fighting hard against Lexington. We won the game by a goal. (Contributed by Head Coach Curt Hayward)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

lexingtonLexington 3 New Jersey 1

Lexington topped New Jersey 3-1 on goals from Steve Salmon, Jovanni Vega, and Christian Zitle.

Goals: Steve Salmon 1, Jovanni Vega 1, Christian Zitle 1.
Assists: Steve Salmon 1, Jovanni Vega 1.
Saves: Tayqwan Richardson 3.

Friday, October 6, 2017

lexingtonLexington 6 Stevenson 1

Steve Salmon had three goals for Lexington in a 6-1 victory.

Goals: Juan Carlos Diaz 1, Luis Linares 1, Steve Salmon 3, Christian Zitle 1.
Saves: Tayqwan Richardson 3.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

lexingtonLexington 2 Hallen 2

Steve Salmon scored two goals and Tayqwan Richardson had 12 saves for Lexington in a tie with Hallen.

Goals: Steve Salmon 2.
Saves: Tayqwan Richardson 12.

Prep Soccer Roundup - October 12

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

americanAmerican 3 New York 1

This was an ugly game for our team as we had five offsides, too many missed opportunities to score, we shot ourselves in the foot and did not focus on the game. We finally got it together for the last 10 minutes of the game for a win. Today, we will play against Lexington. (Contributed by Head Coach Curt Hayward)

marie-philipMarie Philip 3 Covenant Christian 1

Marie Philip School made a trip to Peabody to face our league opponent, Covenant Christian Academy. The last game, we lost to them so we played with a different formation hoping to have a good game. We got two nice goals in the first half. We played really well, especially with our goalkeeper Dakota Rochette. He made a lot of amazing saves. MPS defensive lines had done a splendid task stopping CCA offensive lines, frustrating them as they tried to seize a goal. We got an opportunity of having a nice goal from a penalty kick to finish the game with a 3-1 score. (Contributed by Head Coach Jason Cserny)

MPS 2-1 = 3
CCA 0-1 = 1

pennsylvaniaWilberforce School 5 Pennsylvania 3

We were missing three of our players in our game against Wilberforce School. Nasir Ford had a hat-trick with three goal in the first half but we still came up short. This weekend, we will be heading to New York State School for the Deaf for the Friendship soccer tournament. (Contributed by Athletic Director Matt Bujak)

new-jerseyLexington 3 New Jersey 1

In a loss to Lexington, Stanley Uka scored a goal for New Jersey and Niam Webb had 13 saves.

NJSD 0-1 = 1
LEX   2-1 = 3

ohioOhio 3 Western Pennsylvania 1

“A big, big win for our program against a quality team. We are 5-2 after the win.” - Bill Estes

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

stmarysSt. Mary's 2 Rochester 2

The Bison played host to our Western New York I-90 rival Rochester School for the Deaf Tuesday afternoon. Our team started off the match looking a bit lethargic having had a four-day Columbus day weekend break from soccer. Unfortunately, it took us about 15 minutes to truly find our feet. Luckily, Christian Lawrence had one of his best games of his career in goal and was able to limit the damage to just one goal from the Wildcats in the first half of play.

Once our boys were finally able to shake off the rust, we began to gradually spread out the field and establish a counter attack. That said, no matter how much effort you put forth, sometimes its having a little luck on your side that can sway momentum in your favor. In an effort to clear the ball out of our defensive zone, Ryan Brzezinski launched a kick that covered three-fourth of the soccer field. Although the kick wasn’t intended to be a shot, it found its way over RSD’s goal line to knot the score 1-1 at halftime. Both teams and the officials stopped for a solid minute just to appreciate what everyone had just witnessed. The official said in all of his years he has never seen a goal from that distance.

In the second half, the Bison used that spark of luck to take it to the Wildcats. Another goal by Nick Barrus gave us a 2-1 advantage on the scoreboard. With five minutes remaining in the game, it was clear that Rochester was playing with more sense of urgency and with the help of an extra attacker on offense, they were able to even up the score at 2-2 with a head ball off a corner kick. Both clubs had a few more chances to try and win the game but both the teams defenses were up to the task and didn’t allow another goal. The game ended in a 2-2 tie. After the match, both teams walked away knowing that in a few weeks they have the opportunity to play one another again at the annual ESDAA soccer tournament. It will then be determined who has the better team this season. (Contributed by Head Coach Bryan Booke)

Individual Stats:
Ryan Brzezinski: 1 goal
Nick Barrus: 1 goal
Christian Lawrence: 9 saves

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

marie-philipBoston University Academy 5 Marie Philip 0

Marie Philip School had a home game matching against Boston University Academy, it was a challenging game for us as we struggled to get the ball into the net. (Contributed by Head Coach Jason Cserny)

BUA 4-1 = 5
MPS 0-0 = 0

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