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Prep Soccer Roundup - October 11

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

rochesterSt. Mary's 2 Rochester 2

As always, this game turned out to be a great game for the fans. It was a barn burner to the entire end. RSD dominated the entire game in regards to time of possession, shots on goal, and opportunities on goal (e.g. Penalty Kicks).

However, SMSD were stubborn individuals and were in the game the entire time. RSD came out firing first and was able to score relatively quickly with some great give and go passes between Bode Aggas and Alexander Michalek. Michalek found the back of the net from Aggas' pass.

Few moments later, SMSD's defender, booted a shot 70 yards that somehow found the back of our net to tie the game 1-1. RSD failed to capitalize on a penalty shot before halftime and we stood at a deadlock, 1-1 when time expired in the first half.

In the second half, RSD was again, the aggressors and was controlling the ball and rhythm of the game. Midway through the half, RSD was awarded another penalty kick, but failed to capitalize. A few moments later, their star player, Nick Barrus took a shot 40 yards out that found the back of our net. With RSD down 2-1 with only a few minutes left, we were in trouble.

However, Thomas Coates who was playing an exceptional game on defense was also playing exceptionally well playing offense too. He was literally playing the entire field (and since it was a small field, he was able to do this). He helped us earn a corner kick near the end of the game. Bode Aggas sent a beautiful shot in front of the goal, and Michalek was able to earn his second header of the season to tie the game 2-2. The game ended 2-2. (Contributed by Coach Scott Lipitz)

RSD   1-1 = 2
SMSD 1-1 = 2

Goals: Michalek 2.
Assists: Aggas 2.

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